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Welcome to The Environmental Bootcamp training seminar/workshop has been taught since the early 90's. Many organizations have tried to mimic the Environmental Bootcamp and it's agenda over the years but only one organization has kept the same nationally recognized instructors and remarkable presentations, and that is the EPA Alliance Training Group.

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"Overall this is one of, if not the, best training I have ever been to. The instructors were very good". "The instructors did a great job and kept the class entertained!". "Joe was great and has tremendous knowledge of environmental regulations". "Thank you, very informative! Excellent real life scenarios". "Both instructors were enthusiastic and knowledgable". "Very professional set-up and organization". "A very good overview course. Thank you for all the great materials". "Unbelievable amount of information. Well presented. Both instructors receive and enthusiastic two thumbs up". "The Environmental Bootcamp went way beyond my expectations. I can't wait to take other courses." Read More

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